dance with me

Let the music play in the background,
I’ll hold you close
As we sway and wobble to the ominous tones,
Heard only by the fatal ticking of the clock,
Step by step,
Heartbeats sink into the rhythm,
And we sway and sway,
Eyes closed as we breathe in what’s left of us,
Our rags drag across the floor as we step in time to the strum,
Each count taking us further,
Form ourselves,
From our problems, from the reality that landed us here,
And we sway and wobble, falter and try to find the rhythm again,
Always managing to find each other through the crowd of others dancing around like us,
Each find their way among the mess they’ve made.
Let the music drown of the rest of the noise,
We sway and rock and never let the music stop us from dancing through…
Clinging to what’s left of us on the hard wooden floor,
Our riches turned to those rags with each turn,
Because we only have this moment to let go,
Before reality comes crashing down,
And another asks for your hand instead…


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