Paragon Dreams

They say keep things close that you value,
Merit, honor, loyalty, even love,
Things worthy of my time and heart,
But I could never touch those things,
Hold them in my hand and watch as they fall when I let them.
So I cast them off,
Upright and righteous never sounded more pretentious.

Paragon, you were the best I could have dreamt up,
Laughable in its purity and innocence,
You were mine though, the one thing I held close,
But dreams have a funny way of distorting reality
And I found those ethical ideals falling short of my imagination,
You became a thing I couldn’t recognize,
A dream I never found, thoughts that never left my head.

I was never someone’s charity
No matter how many cries for help or victims I left behind me,
So I left you behind,
Because you were not everything I thought you’d be,
And I couldn’t touch you, keep my hands around you to make you stay,
So I watched you fall,
Casting you aside with those dreams I couldn’t quite remember.


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