oh darling (what have you become?)

Young eyes and innocent dreams never make it,
Always corrupted by some broken heart,
Ready to tear down the world on a single failed song,

Oh darling,
Why do you cling to these people?
The ones who dragged you down and down,
Bottoming out and leaving you to crawl,
Letting them keep you in the confides of their safely placed arms,

Oh darling,
Why do you let them shatter your fragile spirit?
Young eyes clouded by the blind,
Wandering the dark for a answer.
Your dreams darkening as the tears begin to stain you pillow,

Oh darling,
What have you become?
I can’t save you from this,
Locked inside the cage you’ve built,
Lost among the forgotten dreams,
dancing around the innocent hearts you used to be,

Oh darling….


12 thoughts on “oh darling (what have you become?)

  1. yaasotaa says:

    I love the post…its lovely. As i said before, you vocabulary makes me more to learn from u. Eager to read, like and comment on your every single post…i really appreciate your blog post. I am also glad to meet such a friend like u. Thank again!! I am impressed by your vocabulary…. 💝

    Liked by 1 person

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