drunk dials

Your hold on me carries me through the night,
Something I can’t seem to let go,
Dependence that I let masquerade as independence,
Far longer than I’d care to admit,

Because I never needed you, I wanted you,
And the difference between that want and need must be there,
I won’t admit it to myself otherwise,

This call is a mistake,

(But it seems my fingers have a mind of their own,
And your voice brings back so, so many things….)

I wished you’d send me to voicemail,
Let me get out what I need to say without you listening,
It’s always to cry to nothing than a sympathetic ear.

I always find my way back to you,
Regardless of what I actually need, and something not even wanted…
Time and time again I wish I could break your spell,
But here I go again,
Drunk dialing those ten numbers that I needed to memorize…
Just in case…


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