utter silence…

Blank stares stare back at me,
My thoughts so far out of reach I can’t hear them at all,
Filters float around my eyes,

And I can’t focus on anything without coming back to you.

I wish it made sense,
The way movies and great romances seem to know,
Secrets kept in the hearts that have never been truly broken.
But life is mixes of grey and hurt and anger misdirected,
And I know I can’t filter those thoughts out,

As much as I wish,
Wish those who stared had the answers I sought,
But blank stares hold more than I think,
And they give me too much insight into my own head,
A place I wish I could escape from for a while
My sanctuary and my hell,

Funny, how the two words can be synonymous.
Funny, how those words mean nothing to you.

I can’t help but to stare back now,
They have not answered my questions,
And I cannot look away,
So we stare and search and seek out those like us,
In hopes they can give us the answers,
Or at least make sense of our own chaos,
And yet…I can’t focus on anything until my eyes find yours,
And the noise is quiet, if only for a moment.


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