lines crossed

Every time, we crossed the line,
I thought this was it,
This was the moment we couldn’t come back from.
The moments that made us the forbidden fruit we craved,
What we desperately wanted to swallow but couldn’t let touch our lips…
Temptation always tastes so much better when it’s not your own,
Or maybe that’s what makes it all the more sweet,
The desire that burns inside,
So hot, so raw, it aches, makes you crave and cling and hunger
For what’s so close…just a taste will suffice…
But you know that isn’t true,
And here we are again,
Wanting and straddling such a thin line,
So thin we might as well jump over,
Sedate what aches inside, just a touch to ignite the flame,
That hunger, that hazy eyed lust only we can cure,
So what’s stopping us?


9 thoughts on “lines crossed

  1. Spiral Artist says:

    Brinkmanship. I learned that in politics 101 – the art of enacting dangerous policies that test the limits of what is safe. Usually used in conjunction to the Cold War era diplomacy.

    Brinkmanship on the personal level is exactly like this so I commend you on your accuracy and the amount of intimacy you injected into this wonderful poem 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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