that hazy kind of love

I know it’s true,
When all my heart can think of is you,
That my heart finally made the right choice,
And what a beautiful truth it forms.

Laced with toxins,
The sweet poison running through my veins,
And still, all I want is you,
To talk about you, to express anything I feel in the words that pour out,
Simply to hold you and know the safety of your arms,
That’s how I know its true.

There you are, in the space between the chaos and numbing silence,
This hazy kind of love keeps me stumbling,
Scared to fall, but the comfort of your arms keep me from running,
No rules to follow, I’ve never let this go on,
So I guess I’ll make it up as I go,
Swaying to the rhythm of my own making,
Fumbling and making mistakes I didn’t know would be wrong,
But together we correct the love we created.
Pulling and swaying and dancing though each other,
Landing in what I know to be true.



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