the quietude of chaos

Lost in the quietude of the chaos,
Something so beautiful when all around you is falling apart,

And all you can hear is the silence of your mind,

Finally able to think, lulled into a dream like state,
The utter stillness when it’s the only thing left to cling to,

To feel the emotions buried under the mundane and insane,
A perfect storm built inside the calm,

Profound what a little white noise can do to a shattered mind,
Pieces built around the hush of a scattered heart,
Peace of mind from a broken reality,

So ironic in that crazy sort of way,
That a whisper can change into a scream,

And a scream can leave you breathless in the best way.

11 thoughts on “the quietude of chaos

  1. Spiral Artist says:

    I came for the Chaos but stayed for the poetry.

    “A perfect storm built inside the calm.” Y’know, having used the calm/storm thing many times over myself, I gotta say I wish I had thought of that one first. It is so good.

    Also, I love that despite the assertion that the storm was “built”, it is actually building throughout the poem, but not in a way that would set things loose, disturb the landscape, devastate the mind lost in it, but in a way that lends itself to being embraced. “Embrace the storm” kind of way. Acceptance is one of the purest forms of love and accepting Chaos as Chaos is and as it comes does lend itself to inner turmoil, yes, but it also lends itself to many wonderful things – a profound scream can be beautiful precisely because it is pure, expressed without restraint and therefore free and freeING.

    Lovely. Just lovely.

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