what’s in a goodbye…

I forgot to tell you goodbye,
The words were on the tip of my tongue,
My lips parted; ready to spill my confessions and grievances in a single sentence,
But I couldn’t speak them.
Believe me. I tried. Again and again, each time changing a slight detail,
In hopes that maybe it would be easier, or even worth hearing out loud again,
But my words never came to light.
They’re still hide in my mind, bubbling out when I least expect them,
And I can never understand why,
I wanted to tell you, needed to get them out so you could hear them,
But when it mattered most, I was silent and withdrawn.
Perhaps you were never meant to hear these words,
Or maybe I rushed our timing, too caught up in myself to see you,
But I still have these words fluttering through my mind,
Anxious and nervous they’ll spill at the wrong time,
Or worse, to the right person at the wrong time,
When I no longer need these failsafe goodbyes.

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