growing in gray

I find pieces of you in random acts I do,
Some startling, some easily retraced to you.
Heart torn and my heads a mess,
I never wanted to be like you,
So many times I prayed to never commit the same crimes you did,
And it was so much easier when I was younger,
To paint you in the black when I lived in the white,
But I find growing up paints the world in some sort of grey,
And I can’t decided where I fall,
Where I wish I didn’t, and where I so obviously do…


23 thoughts on “growing in gray

  1. Spiral Artist says:

    It IS easier, isn’t it, but then you discover that you gotta live in the GRAY and then it’s not so easy and everything is ambiguous, up in the air. But this one – there is more to it than just that, there is an entire life behind there, in the black and in the white. And pain. Lots of it. Thank you for sharing.

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