Phases of the Tide

Billows of you left in the aftermath of the tidal wave,
The one that crept up on me,
Though it was so, so obvious,
(You were never silent, colliding into me with such force I fell deeper into the twist and tides of you)
How could I not notice the current that would drag me under,
The salt blinding me, the brine running through my lungs,
The wave that crashed into me and dragged me under?

My eyes only gazing above at the glassy surface,
Refracted, fluxing on the illusions that danced around me,
How could someone miss that?
How could I let that deep, deep blue of your soul take me under
Those eyes that would drown me?

Your love was like the ocean tides,
Coming and going,
Changing with the face of the moon,
Never staying long enough for me to hold you in my hands.
Captured you in the moment, trapped in the hollowed shell I fished out of the sand,
(No matter how long I hold it up to my ear, I never hear your voice echoed back,
The silence that answers this heart should be  answer enough,)

The mist and sea foam fade before they lap at my feet,
Fading like the offing, just out of sight and beyond my reach,
Never a moment to ourselves, never a chance to tell you what you’ve ripped from me.
And yet, here we are again,
Standing at the shore of a endless beach, the water slowing creeping up as the moon rises higher in the starless sky,
And I’m left waiting for that tidal wave, the one made up of the twists and tides and
currents that make you, to drag me under yet again.
How can someone not notice that?


11 thoughts on “Phases of the Tide

  1. ourbeautifullies says:

    Beautiful. Man I really feel this. I swear I was journaling about similar feelings yesterday wondering when it would go away. It’s been too long and I just want it all to wash away from
    Me. And all I keep wondering is how is it just me? Thank you for this. Beautiful poem. Love it.

    Liked by 2 people

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