Who We Could Have Been

Laying here, thinking about those times when you were next to me,
They always make me smile; make me wish we had been more than what we were.
We had our reasons, our demons made themselves known rather early and
Honestly, probably for the better,
But I like to think had we faced them together, we would have stood a chance.
Maybe in another life,
When we could have fought harder for the ones we could have been together…

I still see your face in the crowd, around the corner as I’m running after a stranger,
But at least for a moment that stranger reminded me what it was like to be near you,
Recalling the way you held me in the pouring rain,
When we ran for cover, laughing and splashing in the puddles to our next adventure.
But the memory fades, as fast as your face on that stranger,
And I’m left feeling hollow and longing for something that will never be mine again.

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