the magic of us

Let the breeze blow your hair back,
Let your top roll back; throw your hair back as you laugh into the wind.
We’ve been here before,
My hand in yours, southern magnolia weaved in your hair just some kind of way,
Singing to the stars, riding the waves of the next adventure,
And there’s nowhere I’d rather be.

Misty eyed and hazy lets get drunk under the serenaded stars,
Throwing the bottle back and making wishes that will never come true,
But God, we act like they will.
The moon rises as you put your lips on mine,
Soft and gentle as a ripple in the lake where we first met,
The one where the sun would filter through the trees just so,
And the water would reflect all that glitters and dances on the mirage…
Next to the fields we would sway in, watching those fireflies dance around us,
Casting a soft light on our interlocked bodies,
Never knowing how we ended up so lost in each other…But I’m getting lost in thought,

Reminiscing on the way we were in the summer heat,
Lazy and wrapped up in nothing but each other,
But those nights are drawing closer,
The moon is fading behind the clouds,
Taking with the lazy heat and fireflies that would glow,
I love the flower in your hair, standing out amongst the black of night,
But, something seems different in our background,
The magnolia is fading in your hair,
Her petals falling, sinking to the dust and dirt that used to make up our trail,
The lake growing cool to the touch,
Sending a chill to the back of our spines and turning us away from the memory,
The tree don’t way sway they way used to,
And the sun is fading fast, much too fast,
Where is the magic go? How can we find her again?
Maybe she’s trapping in the stars we sang to, or maybe…
Oh, it must be time to go,
Because you keep looking over your shoulder,
Waiting for something…looking for a sign of what, I can’t say,
But it must be important for you to have lost the magic of us.
Why are the stars fading?
Their tired melody drifting further and further from our reach,
And the lake looks cold, uninviting and forlorn,
Oh look, the first leaf just dropped…
It must be the sign you needed to leave.

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