the galaxies on our skin

All I can think about are your hand on me,
Running your fingers slowly over my hips,
The things you whisper in my ear have me more than just distracted.
I try to focus, but my imagination always gets the better of me,
She has me blushing and biting my lip,
Eyes daze, trailing down, down, down…

By the time you actually put your hands on me, I’m a mess,
Hot, sweaty, and so, so needy,
Dripping…and all you’ve done is tease me….
We both know I’ll pretend to fight,
Can’t tell you how desperately I need you out loud,
So I’ll let my body do most of the talking.
And she’ll tell you everything you need to hear.

Let me whisper things into your ear,
As I’m riding up and down up and down,
I can’t seem to stop my hips form shaking,
Nails digging into the back of your neck, teeth marks buried in both our necks….
I can’t help the moans you pull from the back of my throat,
Legs shaking as you try to gather your wits,
But baby, this love has the power to undone the best of me and you,
I know my sanity left the moment you pushed me into the back of my car.
The bruises line my thighs like an arrow straight to your mark,
Marking the best places to make love, to make me scream.
And all I can do is fall apart in your arms,
Gasping and shaking, hips still grinding into you for that once last thrill,
That pulse that sends me over the edge,
And we’ll see stars dancing in the galaxies on our skin.


19 thoughts on “the galaxies on our skin

  1. legitimatelyunfunny says:

    I was just going to copy and past all of the synonyms for “sexual” here as my opinion on this great bit of writing but I thought that would be a little lacking in originality 🙂
    For simplicity sake though I’ll say this, “that was hot.” -fans self-

    Liked by 1 person

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