Burn Like Matches

None matches a fire like ours,
We burn like two matched ignited by the others,
Dwindling in the controlled flicker of the embers and her smoke.
So baby, lock the doors and let the candles fade to a dim glow,
Because there is no other place I’d rather be trapped in than here in your arms,
Light me up and watch me burn under the guise of our fire,
Set my body aflame, trace my lips as I gasp and moan under your touch,
Growing hotter and hotter as the center of me grows wetter,
Dripping wet, oh, how it easy it is for you pierce the very heart of me,
My mind unable to stop the images racing across my closed eyes,
Each more dirty and sinful than the last,
My lungs can’t seem to grasp enough air to stop this shortness of breath,
My legs opening and closing for any sense of relief I can muster,
But it seems only you can control this fire,
Make me melt, hold me close and have me submit to your inferno,
Because I know that once you play with fire, you’re bound to be burned,
And darling, we burn like a match on its dying flame,
Simmering into nothing, the waters washing over us, leaving nothing but faded embers.
So take me away; let me get lost in your eyes, in the feeling of you,
And let us cast aside the reality for another sunrise,
Because I want us to burn throughout the night,
With a love to hot to be touched by any other soul,
Kiss me with everything you have, and let us be engulfed by adorations flame

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