freefalling butterflies

To my own eyes be true, but it’s so hard when I have been blinded by you,
By affection that is not mine to take, mine to have.
The way we are together alone, when there are not witnesses, no questions,
No one to tell us this love is so, so wrong,
But darling, two wrongs have to make a right eventually.
Let’s commit to things that keep men sedated and woman lingering longer.
Allow me to lead you down a path of temptation and sin and wonder and passion,
And we’ll both pretend not to love every minute of it.

The game is only as dangerous as we let it,
But we both know playing with fire is just as intoxicating as this taboo love,
No one can say when this little game began,
But the rules and stakes have grown more thrilling with each passing turn,
Each stroke of our hands…every graze that makes my heart skip a beat,
My stomach drops, the breath can’t escape my lungs.
Those butterflies freefalling their way down, down, down…
I know you feel it too; in fact, I think this little game effects you more than it does me
(And you have no idea how much I wish to throw the cards on the table,
Crawl over and have my wicked way with you).

I had always been a master in the art of deception,
Façades and feeling go hand in hand, after all.
So why am I the only one who seems to question this affection.
Despite my blindness, my head knows something isn’t right about a game between secret lovers,
And every so often my heart yields to my guarded mind,
Reminding me its so wrong, wrong, wrong…

I’ve been told, to mine own heart be true,
But how can I when she thrives on chaos, so beautiful in her yearning,
Oh, the matters of the heart. Trickier than I’d care to admit,
Even more so when I know the game is close to an end.
So while we still have time baby, lets make this game a tad more exciting,
An all or nothing, raise the stakes, throw it all away on a final kiss
But don’t be fooled, this is only dangerous if I have anything left to lose.
And I’m afraid I lost it all before my game even started with you,
So blinded by you and affection that was never mine,
Two wrongs have to make a right eventually…right?

29 thoughts on “freefalling butterflies

  1. Brandewulf says:

    Welcome back…and love the new gravatar picture.

    Love these lines. One immediately recognizes and recalls the feeling:
    ‘My stomach drops, the breath can’t escape my lungs.
    Those butterflies freefalling their way down, down, down…’

    Liked by 1 person

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