You and I are the best fantasy I could have ever dreamt up,
One where I don’t have to remember to be proper and appropriate,
But our reality is so stark, stranded between the lust and the morale.
And the boundaries I try so hard to remember, so hard to stay behind,
Keep drifting further and further away, until all I’m left with are reasons why:
Why I shouldn’t just dive in, why I should be guilty for feeling this type of way.

Fantasies are fantasies my love, only fatal when acted upon,
And oh, what an orgasmic death it would be.
To have your hands upon me in the ways my mind conjures,
To feel your lips on my breasts, that mouth worshiping me in ways that make the gods weep.
My gasps and moans are the only thing that can resonate between us.
I close my eyes, lost in the feeling of your roaming hands,
Letting them slip further down my body, between my hips, touching the best parts of me.
Your fingers curling deeper and deeper, stroking deeper and drawing out this intense pleasure, until I can only gasp and plea for release.
Kiss me, take the words off my tongue and put me in my place,
A place where I forget that it’s a sin to want this sex so much.

There’s no better version of me than when I’m with you,
Wanting and craving you in all the right ways,
Take me, fuck me in ways that make me regret wanting to leave you in the morning,
But know that your pull will only last as long as my affection for you lingers,
And my heart is as shaky as these boundaries we’ve placed on ourselves.
So lets make this night one to remember,
And give it to me as good as you can, pin me down with nothing but the need to take you deeper,
Let your hips grind harder into me than the reality of our shameful love.
And for you my mind will always flash back,
Remembering what could have been, the fantasies that never became our reality.

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