To Breathe Again

I talk to you but you refuse to listen,
Thinking your experience and knowledge outweigh my own,
When neither is enough to help us through our current predicament.

Little do you know that I’ve dealt with situations like this before,
And I know a thing or two about the harder choices in life.
So tell me more lies and I’ll tell you half-truths,
And we’ll both believe what we need to hear.

You wish you had more power over me,
While I wish your words didn’t move me as much as they do.
And I succumb to the doubts you place and fall for your false sense of security.
But those drunk on power always fall victim to its haze.

So don’t relish in the power you hold, for it will not be this way forever.
One day I will break free and move on from your inferno and my hesitation
And you will be left with a song I used to play on a piano,
That is now out of tune, and gathering dust.
I will be always be your “one that got away”
While I will no longer be your damsel in distress,
And I breath a sigh of relief finding asylum in my newfound freedom.

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