Feel me under your skin,
Crawling my way from your heart to your mind,
And watch this love expand just beyond the tips of your fingers,
Grazing the edge if these lips,
Left to roam the beginning of you and the ends of me,
Desire melting on the tip of your tongue
As it glides further and further from these lips,
Never knowing what I’m grasping here in the dark.

The feel of you on my skin is hotter than I’d expect,
Old flames can’t even hold a candle to our love,
Oh the things you could do to me in the dimly lite room,
Nothing but the dying fires left to guide our actions.
We’re buried at the bottom of the sea, lost in its reflections,
This desire and passion crashing like a tidal wave on my body,
Oh, my heart can’t seem to handle the pressure, such a heavy sin to bear,
But darling, sinning is so much fun when your fingers curl …right, oh, there…yes…
All I see is the blackness before me, teeth biting my lips,
Bringing the blood to the forefront,
Shielded by the moonlight floating in through the windows.

Surround me with the wants and needs of a better lover,
Let me know that it’s okay to crave things I can’t explain.
Darling, is it wrong to want you this much?
Crazy is as crazy does, so how blessed you are to have found me in my state of mind,
Hold me down; wrap me up in your insanity,
Tangled together in these sheets, there’s no other reality I’d imagine.

30 thoughts on “Moonlight

  1. Brandewulf says:

    I haven’t gone back through your writing that were published before I started following you, so I only have a few to compare. This is a different voice than I have heard, and is another example of why I need to dig deeper into your library. Thank you for showing and sharing with us.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kaylaannauthor says:

    Extravagant and beautifully written. Have you ever heard of “Beneath a Moonless Sky”? It’s a broadway song from the sequel to the Phantom of the Opera. Your poem reminds me of this song and scene. It is one of my favorites broadway songs and this poem is very well done. I especially appreciate the “cenorship” you incorporate.

    Liked by 1 person

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