A life of Waiting

Every heaven is different from the last,
But I forget that my version of paradise isn’t the same as yours,
So I pray to hold onto this bliss a little while longer,
While my fate is sealed from the kiss of another sinner.

Graced with those lips on mine for a moment,
The gates close behind me, and I’m left in another’s paradise.
But you aren’t here. You haven’t been for a while now,
And it has me wondering, what happens to sinners who don’t repent?
Where will I find you in this version of the afterlife?
Will you be here waiting for me, or must I wait a lifetime to find you again?

Life goes on, as I’ve been constantly reminded, and the gates stay closed for decades,
centuries, who’s to say?
I wait and wait and wait until all I know how to do is to build a life of waiting,
Waiting for you, a chance, waiting for us to be…more.
But that version of heaven has yet to cross my closed eyes,
And this sinner is left waiting once more for a redemption that hasn’t been prayed for.

I never thought I would grow tired of finding you, but,
Waiting is hard…the hardest thing I’ve had to bare,
Alone, wishing for an easier path path of roses and gold,
But, that was never a meant to be for us, never a song to be sung, or even a wish to be granted,
Sing me a  jaded hymn once more, let me find you buried among the restless,
Or whatever could be you.
Ever heaven is different from the last,
But I know my version of paradise will never be the same as yours,
So kiss me goodbye for the thousandth time, again and again. And we wait and wait and wait…

*Image does not belong to me*


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