My One Night Stand

Baby, call me a glutton, call me a tease,
But I can’t help it; I always seem to invite disaster in with open arms.
I know I shouldn’t play with fire,
But it gets so cold by myself at night and I know you could be the body next to mine.
If only for the night, in the very least; I know this game I play with myself is nothing short of dangerous,
And you are not worthy of anything of mine, at least, not anymore,
But I just can’t seem to help this need to self-destruct,
The drama intoxicates me until all I can see is my next high,
Whether with you, or the next someone to toy with my emotions.
Yet, I still cling to this illusion of romance and lust and wanting.
Knowing that it’s been too long and too much has happened for it to mean anything,
But I still cling and cling and cling, hoping I’ll latch unto any semblance of morale.
This always sounds better after the liqueur has entered my bloodstream,
And I am too far-gone to consider anything else,
So let me say this while I still can,
You will and always will be awful to me, you’ll use me, but I am not better,
And together we can fall into bed knowing what we expect out of each other,
And still be blinded by our own delusions.


18 thoughts on “My One Night Stand

  1. KonciouSLea says:

    Wow. I love this for many reasons. 1. Because it’s so str8 fwd
    2. Because it says everything I’d want to say but couldn’t and
    3. Because it’s from a woman’s perspective.
    Very well done. May I write a poetic reply?

    Liked by 1 person

      • KonciouSLea says:

        Baby, call me here, call me Master and I can’t help it; I always seem to fall for the readily available.
        It’s a moth drawn to the flame. Wait that’s a bit cliche…it’s an the eyes drawn to a falling star.
        I glow from inside and wonder how one could ever be cold
        My body next to yours becomes one and I know that this game becomes more than that.
        If only for one night I try to stay as closed as your doors
        If only for one night I try to climb the walls you build to find the real you
        As high as that is the fall is only as long as we allow this to go on
        My feeling of entitlement is the bridge between the slightest touch of my hands reading the Braille within goosebumps
        Intoxicating audibles become an elixir for and a drug
        Whether with me or someone else your return feeds the ego of this puppet master and I too hold a secret of wanting the same romance but afraid to be real due to your walls
        So I graffiti these emotions there as you cling
        I graffiti my heart there in 3D as you cling and I single tear beg for forgiveness through my pride and wish for a one night stand to become a lifetime.

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