guilty daydreams

What is built on trust, built on faith?
Love it seems, to fall into place at the perfect time,
Lovers that are enchanted with one another,
With stars in their eyes and contentment dripping from their lips,
What a beautiful story, written by the lovers of time,
But that was never the case for you and I.
For we built whatever we had, on lies that bleed truth,
On promises that were merely words and our eyes were always glazed over.
Reflections scattered along the lines of a broken mirror,
I start to wonder why me heart can’t seem to fall for the uncomplicated.

I used to think that fantasies were not worth the trouble and,
Daydreams were a guilty pleasure that never amounted to anything.
What good is it to crave the things you could never possess?
What good could come from wanting what was never yours to have?
But I’ve come to find that fantasies are all I’ve ever known,
Every wishful thought, every dark wanting, every time,
My heart only knew how to fall for others that were just out of my reach.

Oh dear, what a mess I’ve created for myself yet again,
The stories I could tell, filled with enough comedy and tragedy to make Shakespeare weep.
How pathetic it is to want someone that doesn’t know they way you feel for them.
And there is nothing wrong with wanting, with wishing,
But I can’t seem to stop, because you’re such a constant presence.
Yet that is all these fantasies will be, dreams that haunt me in the dead of night,
Thoughts that will never be recreated in life,
But I have grown fond of these fantasies, the reality of the closeness of us we share,
So that is where I will find happiness, or something relatively close,
Because while I cannot have you in the way my heart wants,
I know that I have you in the ways that I could never live without


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