dear unknown lover

Dear Unknown-lover,
It’s been too long since I’ve yearned for your face,
The need to feel your body pressed against mine,
To have those lips whisper naughty delights upon my thighs,
Oh, what a pretty fantasy my mind spins in the dark,
Never being able to have you in the flesh,
And perhaps that is what adds to the thrill, never knowing yet always yearning.

I wonder when I will find you, when the touch of you will me more than this fleeting dream,
I can never seem to find your face, and all I have left in the mornings is the ache in my heart and the wetness between my legs
You’ve haunted me in my dreams, lingering like the morning mist upon the lake,
Only to scatter once the dawn shines brightly.

I used to think that love was for everyone, but it seems matters of the heart are as complicated as my mind makes them,
And as my mind expands and logic rises,
My emotions fall between the cracks of an scattered brain.
But I did not write this love letter to complain or berate,
But rather, to let you know that I still think of you time and time again,
Hoping one day, fate will happen upon us
Only then will I stop writing you letters in the dark,
Only then will I stop finding temporary comforts in the arms of strangers with pretty smiles,
Until then, though, know that I will sing the praises of another, using their bodies as they use mine,
But is to you my pretty fantasies always return to.


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