Stars That Burn

Stars that burn, stars that shine so bright,
Tell me what explosions you’ll set off tonight.
Light the way, darkness only knows how to follow the faded light.
So fall into my arms, even though I may not be able to shelter you from this,
And together we can watch the colors bleed and implode.

Stars that burn always leave a lasting impression,
Casting their shadow on every corner, let us gather and marvel.
You smile at me, letting me know that we’ll be okay even in the rough patches,
But I know that the stars that burn brightly in us are dying to emerge,
Setting fire to the very thing we fought to build.

No more shall we let the stars guide us,
For they have long carried their weight on your back,
Flames licking their way down your spine,
The embers fall slowly and delicately, as though to burn your wings,
Charred ruins of a beauty that once was,
So be careful with that flame that burns inside you,
Because as beautiful as it is,
It is just as deadly in the hands of an amateur.

Stars built on fire and flames, destruction in its most beautiful form,
Always too hot to bring about anything long-lasting and pure,
But that’s the thing about people on fire my dear,
For they always burn too brightly, never making it through the night.
Those shadows fade fast and their stars fall harder than the comets,
And I know we thought we could come back from this,
A love made out of space and galaxies of wonder and life,
But far better than us have tried to play God,
Only to be cruelly reminded of their humanity and sins,
I hope you’ve prayed for redemption, both yours and mine
For if there is one thing these stars are capable of,
It is burning, burning, burning until there is nothing worth remembering,


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