Tell me…

Tell me you can’t keep your hands to yourself, because I’m too irresistible and you love to see the marks that claim me as yours,
Tell me I’m beautiful as I rub the bruises you left along my arms,
Tell me you love to see me seethe and rage with envy; that’s why you have to flirt with other women, so you know I only see you.
Tell me that your eyes only wander because you’re so lucky to have found me: that she was another way to confirm that I’m the only one for you.
Tell me that I have never looked lovelier in red than when I wear that dress: the one that covers all of my skin and shame.
Tell me you love me; paint the lie as pretty as my face, covered in shimmering concealer and red lips,
Tell me you’ll never find anyone like me; that your affection for me causes your jealously and the need for constant gratification.
Tell me that I should be so lucky; that not just anyone will want me, a washed up scrape of used goods,
Tell me that my worth is found only in you; that I would be nothing if I didn’t have you.

Tell me that I am nothing without you; say it so much that I start to believe it,
And tell me that I will never find anyone like you, until I think that there is no one that will love me the way I am, and that you are my only hope.
Tell me these lies until I believe them as truth,
And watch me fold into the person I used to be, hollowing out to the carcass you crave.
Until the day where you tell me the one lie that I refuse to believe,
And I find myself doubting the very control you sought over me,
Only then will I be able to fight the hold you cast over me,
And only then will I be able to see the controller and the abuse,
But until then, tell me how beautiful I am when I’m on my knees in front of you,
Begging for all the wrong attention.
Tell me how I will never be anything without you; until someone shows me how to be a person without you.


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