Oh sweetie, it must be nice to feel so deeply, and not worry of their consequences
To speak so clearly and openly, I wouldn’t know,
For I speak in riddles and tongues foreign to even my chaotic mind,
I’d be lying, saying your attention was enough to change my ways,
But these habits are as hard to break as the stone surrounding my heart,
The fire and defenses that spit from my mouth, are as natural as the breath in my lungs,
And I do love your attention,
But it will never be enough to keep my wondering eyes, or my indifferent heart.
So lie to me, and maybe you’ll catch a grain of truth,
But know that I am constructed of guards with false integrity
And born from promises built on the very lies they’ve harbored.

Oh, darling, it must be nice to be so innocent in all the ways that count,
Yet you continue to play these childish games of envy,
My heart cannot be confined in the four walls you mean to keep me in.
Because I find myself in love with people and everything they are,
So in love that I can’t be kept from the strangers I find in my bed, in my mind,
Nor can I be kept from the lovers that make their way back,
Wanting more and more of what I pretended to give them.

I know you think you know me, my quirks, my soul, my very being,
But you know the me I let the rest of the world see,
The one that can make it in the crowd of serpents and saints,
You have yet to meet the girl behind this closed door,
Or the girl that writes these simple words onto the pages,
It’s not your fault; few have actually seen her,
For she is as lovely and fragile as the ghosts that haunt my timeless tales,
But you will never meet her, she only shows herself to the trusted
Who have seduced the guards and destroyed the stone surrounding her walls,

Oh, my would be lover, you have picked a hard game to beat,
But know you have lasted longer than many who came before,
And know that if I had been a simpler, better woman
I could have loved you in the way both of us might have wanted.
But for now, our story reminds me of a Grimm fairytale,
Beautiful and fatale in their lessons
Of feeling too deeply and greedily wanting more than a heart is allowed.


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