Secrets behind closed doors

I was fine by myself; happen to fuck myself silly,
But than you walked by and I thought oh my, the things I could do to you.
Walk your way back over here baby, and let me whisper the naughty secrets I keep.
On the bed, on the floor, we could fuck all over the place,
As long as your hands are on me and I find myself under your body
I think we can satisfy both our libidos.

Oh baby, lets not pretend that this is anything more than sex,
Because lovers, the things you can do with those hips are sinful.
And lets not pretend that you don’t love when I tease you between each red light,
I know its hard, and no that’s not meant to be a joke,
But focus on me only and I promise we can make this love last all night,
My voice can only go so high, so when I’m speechless, take it as a job well done.
Sweat dripping and hair pulling only further excite the devil in us,
And the sound of your hips slapping mine have me dripping,
Let me grind on your hand a little longer,
And let me rise to meet those talented fingers as they curve deep inside,
So we can both know the beauty of a orgasm much delayed.

I won’t need a new toy if I have you on beck and call,
So don’t tell me this is a one-time thing.
I know you like the thrill of a forbidden love, and,
If you didn’t like the way I fuck, why do I find you in my bed every night?
If you don’t like what this mouth can do, fill it with something bigger,
And than maybe we can take this to a whole other level.
Take me in your car; forget sweet nothings and pillow talks,
Ignore the signs of a crash and drive straight through,
I want raw and hard and dirty.
I love they way you moan when you’re ready to cum,
Caught in desperation and passion
I want to see that all the time, sweetie, I’m just glad you came.
So I’ll wrap this up with a quick blow and a subtle kiss,
But know that we’ll see each other again very soon,
After all, what’s love making without secrets behind closed doors?


11 thoughts on “Secrets behind closed doors

  1. 'Tola says:

    I like you being yourself “Blunt”
    However, you may need to check line 27
    “I love they way you…”
    I think THEY should be THE.

    Apart from this, your work triggered something in me.

    Liked by 1 person

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