May we Meet Again

I think this storm is loud enough to drown us out,
Heart and feelings clash: clouds forming over our perfect horizon.
Our fate illuminated in the lightning that has yet to strike, and,
The words that were meant to be said are swallowed by the thunder in our skies.
I sit here watching the rainfall, washing away our past and who we once were,
Knowing we will never be the same people as when we first found each other.
I was never prepared for a separation of hearts,
Never knowing the strain and turmoil it would create in me.
But you taught me that there is hope, in the smallest ways, in the darkest places.

Sometimes, the prayers I whisper at night are meant for you,
In hopes that you hear me, my thoughts, my wants, my cries,
And I never know if you reply back, but god, how I wish I did,
So I continue to talk to myself, grounding myself with the words of a desperate soul.
Trapped as we are, miles apart, waiting for an endless prayer to be answered.
I miss you, god it’s been years since my heart ached this much,
And I know I will always love you, in some way that can’t be explained,
My heart will always know yours. And for that I thank you,
For giving me the opportunity to know love in its purest form.

It’s been so long now; so long I almost forgot what you look like,
(But that will never happen, for,
My brain has engraved your face, your smile, and those curls in my heart forever,
Never lacking a single detail, a mirror image,
It’s funny how those small details matter the most when they’re about to ripped from
It could take years to find you, years to find myself in the mess I made,
But you once said: hope is something that can be found anywhere we will it,
And I have hope that once day my heart will find yours again,
And we can fall in love all over again, learning each other once more,
Embracing the lust, magic, wonder and awe, reserved only for soul mates.
I’m still here, waiting for you to return, and I can’t seem to make myself stop,
It is who I am now:
A person waiting for her lover to find her once again in the chaos of
the stars,
And I stare up at those stars every night,
Talking to you, endlessly, waiting for the night when I hear ‘I love you’ echoed back.


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