the reality of you

Oh darling, it’s not the song that makes you cry,
It’s the memories that come with the lyrics,
The words have no meaning until they are strung together,
Reminding you of a time when things were easier and carefree.
So as you sit in the car, singing out of key and eyes closed,
Wishing for a time when those memories weren’t a distant dream,
Remember that the memories are fond because they are just that,
And the things of the past are always better kept there.

You never felt the need to let the words wash over you until you are trapped
In the confides of these four walls, in the moving vehicle that keeps you grounded,
And it is in these moments that you can reflect,
On how it is that you’ve made it to this point,
Through the beautiful, the sad, the ugly and the glorious.
All moments that can be captured within a 3-minute song,
Of words that would never affect you outside this vulnerability,
But the music washes over you, calming your mind and racing your heart,
For it is everything you could never say out loud,
And you never will, because this lyrical reverie is yours alone, and,
It is been said better by the crooning and melancholic voice behind the stereo,
Echoing your thoughts and feelings into simpler words.
So you listen on repeat for 100s of times,
Never growing sick or tired of the same old words floating around you mind,
Because this is how you relate to the world,
And it is because of this song that you are able to escape the reality of yourself.


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