The Road Always Traveled

Love. This feeling that has no perfect definition,
The feeling that is both a blessing and curse,
The emotion that is trapped by the way things once were, and never will be
It is the thing that Gods crave and humans seek for a lifetime,
It is the making of timeless song, woven in the grounds of the Earth,
Waiting for the day when it will be simple, another rational feeling to the mind,
But dear, that day will never see the light of day.

I’ve rode this path dozens of times,
Each time taking one more wrong turn than the last,
My heart and me should know better by now,
But we never learn the rules of an ever-changing road,
Blowing through stop signs, throwing caution over the many bridges we’ve crossed.
But these feelings and emotions that we connect and trace over,
They are like the tide, here for a night, gone by the sunrise.

My heart and I grow fond of the feelings we created,
And, oh darling, it not the feelings I’m afraid of
Emotions and I have too much history to be disregarded.
(My heart has lived so many versions of a life, one thousand times over,
And in each we discover a new definition of forever,
Built on the feelings a heart must discover through a life lived.)
No, I am no more of afraid of falling in love as I am breathing,
Both painful dependent on another, both necessary for my survival and hers,
But, falling out of love, that stops us cold.

To give so much of who I am, to someone who does not think like me,
The fear that one day we will not be what each other needs,
And the feelings that once burns our hearts with fireworks and passion and love,
Becomes nothing more than an ember too burnt to light a fire.
So we guard ourselves, my heart and me,
Never letting one rule completely for too long,
Because the day when all these feelings we feel become rational.
Is the day my heart dies and my mind becomes a slave to the way things once were.


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