the monsters in my bed

I know this purely a physical attraction; there are no emotions for monsters like us,
But I’ve never met a demon that touches me so gently,
Saying sweet, enticing things that make my thighs clench and breath quicken.
So lets create a heaven in our blacken hell, and pray the old gods are merciful,
For the sins we commit in the bedroom are everything short of a holy grace.

I know the monsters I let in my bed won’t be there in the morning,
Afraid of the light when they awake, we lay together, covered, tangled in the sheets.
The feeling of false intimacy as heavy as the hand on my breast
So I let the night devour us in the stillness of uncontained lust and silk,
Knowing you won’t be there when I look for you in the morning sun.
So sing my praises with your tongue, body and fingers,
While I close my eyes and let the sensation unfold like notes of the harp,
We only have ‘til the dawn, lover, lets make the best of it.

Drawn by the light of the moon, the bed shakes and groans under our weight,
There is nothing off limits here, no move too scandalous or taboo,
So position me on my back, bend me over; fuck me with the desperation of a sinner,
Ready to do anything to get him to the gates of heaven.
And for you my dear lover, I sink to my knees and take you deep,
Loving the way you can help but flex your hips and stroke my hair,
Thrusting your cock into my mouth, only heavy breathing and gags fill the room,
And only when I’m dripping, sopping, will you take me for all I am.

The twilight shines, illuminating our teeth, nails, bits and scratches,
I am all but numb, my voice hoarse from the screams you pulled from my mouth,
And we lay together in the sheets, sweaty and out of breathe.
But now, the sun is coming up over the clouds,
And it is time for our night affairs to halt.
So leave the lust and passion and silk, until we meet again,
Shrouded in the horror of a tempting night and the cries of lovers lost.


24 thoughts on “the monsters in my bed

  1. Philip Wardlow says:

    I have learned you can have the day and night in equal measure with someone…but you have to be lucky as hell…. like taking your hands off the handle bars as you cascade down a hill with your eyes closed…hoping no potholes lie in your path…. ( I think the trick is peeking every once in awhile out of one eye….)

    Nice sensual and real writing here… thanks for the good read… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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