Painted in the Skies

Stars have always listened to the Earth and her people,
Watching silently, rising and falling with the turning of the tides,
Though don’t be fooled by the shifts in their constellations,
For the stars have stories buried deep in each point,
Filled with tales that captivate even the moon and her gravity.

These stories have shaped generations of dreamers and soul searchers,
Forever wanting the grasp what is just out of reach.
So to make Heaven a reality the stars scarified a few they called theirs,
And they fell from their divine place to crash into Earth.
Giving few the chances to wonder and believe in a fate so far from their own.

Souls and dreamers and wishful thinkers find themselves captured by falling stars,
Mesmerized by the tales they weave in the sky,
They are as old as Earth, covered in beauty and invisible scars.
Telling tales that keep our minds grounded,
But take our heart soaring with them through the skies.

Could you then explain why stars fall to Earth, my love?
Or are you too occupied by the hidden treasures of the sky?
What if Heaven was painted in the night sky?
Forever hidden to us by the light of the moons and stars,
And the false light on the Earth keeps us occupied, keeping our gaze down.

You held the same glow as the stars, once the veil in front of my eyes lifted,
But yours was too much, too hot take in all at once,
So I let myself watch you from a distance, tracing your outline though the glass,
Until I could handle the power and beauty you emanated.
And when we clashed, it was as beautiful as a galaxy forming.


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