Star-crossed lovers can never meet across the skies,
For I rise with the moon and her stars,
My pale white glow casts an eerie shadow.
While the sun takes control of your skin
Licking and lapping the patterns you trace with your fingers,
Igniting the fire that grows dim in the night,
Wander too close and I’m bound to be inflamed.

One by one we fall down,
Covered in sweat, dust and blood of lovers that came before us,
Whose stories always end the way they begin.
Thrilling in the flirtation of a stranger with a dark appeal.
There’s danger in the mystery of a new body.
But, lover, we have so much more to explore in the chaos of the night,
Lets fall into each other trapped and carving marks with love bits and trailing nails.

Night after night we crash and burn,
Meeting the rising sun with tired eyes and sore muscles,
But we still cannot find the feeling we sought in the beginning,
So we fuck hard and fast, never having time for soothing words and caresses,
Bruises are supposed to be a sign of a good time…right?

I’ll take this chance, just one more I whisper for the millionth time,
And we continued the cycle like we had never been burned before,
But our story will never be one for decades past,
We are two stars never met to meet,
The sun and moon destined to pass by like ships in the night,
But who could resist a good chase?


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