where the moon meets the sun

Find me in the sky, where the moon meets the sun,
Just as the eclipse peaks over the horizon, the place where the stars stutter and fall,
Too embarrassed by the attention of those who gaze up with dreams and longing,
That is where I will fall, in and out of the ripples of the Milky Way,
Captured by the cosmos and the diamonds resting in the skies.

Catch me in the rays of the sun, playfully dancing upon the heat.
Though you will never be able to glance upon me for that long,
But I’ll let you stare long enough to blind you,
Casting white noise and blurred lines across your vision,
And you’ll be counting your lucky stars to have glanced a fleeting image of me.

I’ll settle in the moon and her tides,
Knowing you could never find me in the constellations that plague the night.
So, as much as you’d stare up at the night sky,
I laugh at the impossible, because I know you will never catch me.
A falling star can never be predicted to land gracefully upon the dirt,
And the night sky is constantly changing, as am I.
So let we’ll play and dance with the ever-changing night
And let the newfound galaxies’ decide who is worth of love.


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