this chaos of mind

My mind is always racing; ideas and words forming every waking moment,
For once, I wish to press pause and escape my mind.
You had brought me out of my chaos, with a simple smile, a lingering touch.
You would be all I could think of for days, and I smile every time I remember.

I miss the moments when I was so engrossed by what was happening in front of me,
Not worried about the past or future, simply captured by the present,
Never wanting to leave the moment I trapped myself in.
But those days seem to be further out of reach,
And I can’t help but to miss those simple moments,
Just falling short of a pleasant memory.

My mind craves the peace you once gave it,
She goes crazy without your outlet, words jumbled and thoughts fleeting.
I know I should learn to control her, since you haven proven a temporary fix,
But for that, I thank you. A reprieve from my long endless nights,
Haunting images that have me talking to a God or whoever has the grace to listen in.

I take my thought to pages, books filled with every disgusting, beautiful thought,
So that you can see how far I’ve fallen, and how high I have risen from the ashes.
And these stories and songs spill onto the pages for others to read,
They speak to others just like me, cursed with a mind who thinks too deeply,
But I know that you will always be there, though you are no longer present,
And for that, I grant you access to the whole of me.


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