I can’t seem to find you in the bodies I sleep with, nor the minds I explore,
These yearnings have always been at my fingertips,
Close enough to trace but never grasp.
But you know how short-lived these feelings have been,
And you never hold them against me.
I’m not through with you yet; I can’t seem to shake you.
Is that what it means to love someone?
Or must the feelings be as strong as the day I fell in love,
Powerful, thrumming with excitement, yet foreign in so many ways,
It turns the skies lilac, reflecting off the pink waters that pour from them.
I wish and pray and beg for relief from these constant emotions,
But the right words never leave my mouth, always stranded my tongue.
You laugh and skip around the thoughts in my head,
Never lingering to grant release. Always one step ahead,
I want to sink into you, but need your permission to fall,
And I know those words will never leave your lips,
So I dance and play around the things I want most,
Coming short time and time again on a feeling I cannot place,
Never fooling myself into believing the relapse you’ll give will be anything short of miraculous.beach-love-couple-silhouette1


20 thoughts on “Hooked

  1. EDC Writing says:

    What makes anything or anyone special? It’s just the way it is. Perhaps with you and your words it’s beyond the mind and thinking, as you say experience and feelings, no sense of holding back …

    Liked by 1 person

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