this game we play

This game we play is erotic and thrilling in its temptation,
And we find ourselves at different ends of the bar,
Seeing which of us will give into lust and ecstasy first.
You stroke her cheek, leaning into her a little to close for my liking,
Two can play at this game, my dear lover.
Tempting innocence shrouds my image; after all, there are few men that won’t fall
Prey to blue eyes and a gracious chest wrapped in a sultry dress.
Boys line up to stare nauseatingly down my dress,
But I smile pretty, and let them buy me more drinks,
Waiting for you to grow tired and surrender.
“The way you flirt is shameful,” one states, annoyed at my indifference,
“What you consider to be flirting is deluded,” I say with a shrug,
There is no time to explain the ways of teasing and foreplay to a boy,
For I have my eyes set on a much bigger prize.

Still and tempting, the spot on your lap waits for my ass to place it there,
This game has come to end; I will be the first to admit I lost.
Your hand moves silently up my thighs (teasing the one part of me begging for you),
Dipping and rubbing, wetness accumulating on your hands and my sex,
The bathroom is a good as place as any for us, for our love, and,
For my dress to drop past my hips unto the dirty floor.
Your zipper is already undone, your hands pushing my to my knees,
Where I greedily take you into my mouth, smiling as you jerk and moan
No longer caring who is here to witness our fucked up love affair.
We had thought ourselves too old for the games of children,
Yet I have never been more turned on than here and now.

For those who talk like a god, it is humbling to see you on your knees,
Mouth wide open, my hips have no qualms grinding on your tongue,
Devote to only to your fingers, your hands and tongue and teeth.
Dripping wet, you bend me over, grabbing my hair as you drive hard
Right where I need you and my sharp gasp has nothing to do with the slap on my ass
The stall shakes with every motion, my heels slipping on the wet floor,
Yet, you seem to pick up more speed, my hips frantic to meet your thrusts,
Our mingling cries drowning out the music and noise outside,
My back arches painful as I struggle to keep up while
You merely turn me around and shove my back against the stall, never delaying.
Hands grip the walls as my legs tighten around your hips
The thrill and lust all too much for my senses,
My cunt clenches around you, exploding, taking you with me.
You grip my hips tightly and exhale shakily.
High on the orgasm, I fail to notice the pair of eyes lurking though the cracks,
The couple next to us cums on the sight of us fucking ourselves raw,
Their moans and hands rattling the bathroom we had just christened.
“Guess we’ll have to find a new bar,” I whisper as I shimmy my panties back on.
“That’s what I was counting on,” you smirk.


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