sins we cannot purify

I remember when you used to be all mine,
Wrapped in shattering kisses and breathless moments,
Eager to please the very soul I had found myself connected to,
But I was afraid to let you in fully,
So I misguided your love towards a different version of myself,
A simple girl: stronger and more capable of handling the darkness in you.

I remember when I used to be yours,
Dressed in white and lace and pink kisses,
And I think you knew I was in love with you,
But you were scared to let yourself feel too much at once,
So you distracted me with drunken words and racy thoughts.

They would remember us as a love to be envied,
Sweet kisses and playful remarks,
But we both know the depth the infatuation had dragged us into,
Mixed in the poison of you and the wine I breath,
To eager to leave the loneliness behind in the misery we had created,
We fell into a bad habit of destruction.

I tried to I find my calling in the forms of others,
And the promises you found at the bottom of the bottle were better than me:
So let me fall in love with someone else, but you’ll always there in my mind.
So, lover dearest, it hurts me to say that I will forever trapped in your embrace,
But this is the price I pay for a love to be felt by the Gods and Saints,
Condemned by the devils that plague our minds, and the sins we cannot purify.


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