the river of stars

The sea is always stormy in the wake of death and heartbreak,
Under a cloudless sky of tragedy the waves wander,
She stands at the shores end, greedy to see what the seas would bring her,
Shipwrecks and pirates who held tales of foreign lands only captured her slightly,
But when a storm as cruel and tumultuous rolls through,
She knows it best to bow her head and marvel at the powerful being nature created.

It is in these crashing waves that she hopes to find beauty and salvation,
Between the cracked seashells and the rising tides,
Blessed by the light the moon provides and the devotion of its stars,
She waltzes across the sands and strokes the winds.
Treasures and pearls roll onto the beach,
Gracing peasants with wealth, children with its magic,
But she knows what she seeks is far more valuable than a trinket.

Beneath the surface of time, her past escapes,
Buried in the changing waters, and drowning lovers,
Sunken in the sands that keep the best of times secrets.
The waters of the tide have always been steady and unforgiving.
She wanders the beaches in search, gazing into the hollowed light of her reflection.

The sky dances with her stars, shimmering off the water,
But her eyes never leave the cliffs.
For she had discovered her claim to the sea,
The scale that would turn the tides in her favor, but for all her grace and beauty,
She could not reach the cavern that held the river of stars.
The winds blew fiercely, protecting the caves and their treasure.

She was only as good as the magnificence of the waters below,
Crystallized and calm, after the storm had ridden though,
But her being could not capture the natural radiance of the sea in the mist of chaos,
So, she waits for more sailors and seasick versions of men,
Ready to sing them a song as old as the sea and just as deadly,
And maybe one day, in return,
She will be granted return to the depth from which she came.
The song of the siren was never meant to fall onto deaf ears.


10 thoughts on “the river of stars

  1. Didis Art Design says:

    Dear friend,

    A few days ago I have posted a poem with the title: River of stars
    For this coincidence I would like to share my poem with you.


    River of stars

    Collecting life
    Jam of methamorphosis
    Filling the reservoir
    Of changing being

    Breathing eternity
    River of time
    Flowing into the ocean
    Of light and darkness

    Born stars in worlds
    All and nothing
    Silent knowledge
    Beyond all words


    All good wishes and thanks for sharing your story 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

  2. w. sian c. says:

    To start of with this line ‘The sea is always stormy in the wake of death and heartbreak,’ my gosh, how beautiful and heartfelt. I feel like a pirate mermaid traveling on a ship and battling the storm in a Gothic fairy tale or something!

    Liked by 1 person

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