Down, in a Rabbit (w)hole

Alice chose to fall down with the rabbit, to be lost to the madness of wonderland.
I refuse to give into insanity, the grief of maddens and depravity,
For an unsound mind will never sway a righteous heart,
Oh, but how naïve I was. Fairy-tales are always much darker than depicted,
Wonderland was but a blessing to my chaotic mind,
A trick Alice must have learned from her beloved Hatter.

The looking glass cuts so deep that the Cheshire cannot help but grin,
And the clock begins to tick as crazy and mindless as the minutes that do not pass.
Half past Tea Time, the liquid spills unto the saucer.
So sing with the roses and tulips and lilies,
A song so deadly, the Duchess clings to her crying babe, Alice shuts her ears tight.
Lets hope they don’t smother you in their lyrical game,
For the flowers here in Wonderland are as deadly as their Queen.
And we have all seen how thick and red the blood that flows from the castle.

The march Hare hops through the woods to the Queen of Hearts,
Who controls the sane so invested in their game of fatality,
But how sane are those trapped in the rapture of a psychotic game?
So toss the ball into the maze and run to find it,
Love is but a game to these people, but,
The caterpillar’s smoke will foresee the effects of the idiocy,
And dear sweet Alice will paint herself red to fool herself into belonging,
But we all know how that house of cards falls.

So when the dream becomes to real, and the magic of the land fades,
You will find Alice hidden in the leaves she once sought refuge in,
But no longer do they hold a sense of escape and enchantment,
For the darker effects of the magic have taken hold,
The curious and the curiouser, damned by Alice and her need to find the impossible,
But my dear, breakfast was put a meal away, I was sure of it.
With a cup of tea, you will find no better solution for the rotting of you brain.

Our dear sweet Alice will forever straddle the line,
Between Wonderland and whatever this life has become,
Forever trapped in knowing the sense of wonder and irrationality,
The thrill of knowing she will never touch that sense of madness again.
Wonderland is meant for those who had given into the darkest desires of their mind,
And whose heart could not stomach the choices insanity had left to give.
So I fall down the rabbit hole by choice,
After all, Alice made it back safe and sound…well most of her, anyways.


*Image not mine*


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