to wander the yellow brick road

She followed the yellow brick road in hopes of finding a lost dream,
Knowing that she would forever being wandering the great OZ,
Doomed to repeat what those before always failed to retain.
A love lost and a soul mystified by a romantic with a cynic heart,
To cowardly to give true love a chance, and she knows she will wander the road.
Meeting friends new and old, never able to settle for a simple life of happiness.
Perhaps she would gain entrance into the Emerald city,
Bright and clouded with feeling of others and none of them a place to call home,
Where happiness was a pill away, and everyone felt all but everything.

Once upon a time, this place was beautiful and unexplored,
She hoped and dreamed for a better life,
Beyond the fairytales of the girl who saved witches, and feel into a ruby lust,
To be a girl who gave it her all and came out on top of it all.
But happily ever after was never met to continue forever,
And so she is trapped in between the bricks of unsaid promises.
She knows why she wanders, but cannot admit her faults to herself,
So she conjures strangers with problems bigger than she, and sets to fix them,
Hoping to distract herself from her icy heart and dreaming mind.

She travels and travels, the brick road expands as far as her mind can imagine,
But she cannot imagine the horrors that come with a road as old as time.
The trees tell stories of an evil witch with poison apples and sickly green skin.
(But she knows the witch from more personal encounters than these urban legends)
She sometimes sees the monkey flying from tree to tree,
Watching and waiting for her to break from her gang of misfits,
But she holds tights to her basket and those ruby red heels,
After all, they are her ticket to power…or home.

She’s not sure which is more appealing anymore.
The pressure is so great, but how else can she escape her yellow brick road?
She has seen what too much magic can do to a person,
How corrupt and twisted and methodical—a witch isn’t born green with envy.
But maybe the brick road had already shaped her into something much more darker.
After all, the wizard wasn’t always a tragic man trapped in his hallucinations.
And she, only a human girl, once fascinated by the magic of an ethereal place,
Was now trapped on a never-ending road laced with gold,
Left to wander its bricks until the poppies gave away their pollen,
And slumber would be the only true chance of escape.

She followed the yellow brick road in hopes of something greater than she,
But a girl from Kansas was only as powerful as the winds that blew through,
The magic that laid within the tornado always dispersed in many ways,
Her ruby red heels could only walk so long as the yellow shined,
For her blue dress to bleed black and her skin to turn green with envy
Of those with magic to change that yellow brick road, and those damn ruby heels.


8 thoughts on “to wander the yellow brick road

  1. Rob says:

    This is an incredibly written poetic journey. Truly wonderful to experience. I got one appreciate the hard work you obviously out into this. Congratulations on your superior work, I’m impressed

    Liked by 1 person

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