the silence of you and me

I’d rather expose every inch of skin than the emotions my heart keeps,
For my thoughts and feelings are far too vulnerable the skin I bare.
So watch me strip down to nothing and know this isn’t intimacy in my eyes,
Skin on skin, merely a physical reaction to the chemicals we secrete.

But, the slightest touch of you sends my heart racing, my thoughts blank,
I had never felt the spark of another until you.
(And maybe I will bare my all, but only time will tell)
So let us explore the silence between you and me,
And let our bodies speak where words would get in the way.

Touch me with soft knuckles and feathered kisses,
Sing to me with the hum of your voice, deep and raucous,
We play and laugh, dancing around each other here in this space,
Understanding that this is the type of intimacy I crave and seek,
And it is only found here, in the silence of our racing hearts.

I will paint spirits on your skin, and when my tongue cannot speak the words I wish,
My fingers will trace secrets into your skin and tattoo whispers only meant for you.
I’ll let my body convey what my heart cannot, so brush up on your body language,
For we have so much we need to say here in the silence of you and me.


15 thoughts on “the silence of you and me

  1. EDC Writing says:

    ‘Skin on skin, merely a physical reaction to the chemicals we secrete’ … you made me smile with this line … I’m a physical chemist by profession… perhaps a mere one! There is always something in your lines to relate to!

    Liked by 1 person

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