Beneath the Tide

She dreamed of a stranger once, his face unclear but the feeling felt real,
Like walking on the moon and only seeing the sky and her stars above.
She knows he is there, an ocean away or trapped on the shores close to home,
But the memory is left for the broken hearts of forgot lovers,
Only to be revisited in desperation and isolation.

She knows he can be what she needs,
All she has to do is find him, whether in the span of her mind or across the seas,
She knows she sounds crazy, but she knows she has met him before,
The hazy details magnified in her flaws and delusions,
Scared to be lonely, the sanity slowly slips from her grasp into the ocean floor.

So she gazes up through the waters, stars twinkling, shooting back and forth above,
Her eyes drift and the water fills her lungs as she draws breathe, whispering,
“So stranger, when may I call you my own?
My dreams can only relieve me for some time,
Until my body and heart begin to crave a person I know I have not yet met.”

And that moment when she wakes up, before reality sets in, is the worst feeling.
A temporary lapse in judgment and the hole that is left behind steals her breath.
And just like the tide, he vanishes into the ocean,
Into the confides of her mind, waiting for her to find him in the dreamscape,
Trapped between the shores of reality and the waters that make up the rest.


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