the monster in the mirror

He watches through the looking glass, from the bushes and tops of trees,
Waiting for her to slip and let herself go, not knowing the monster
On the other side of the glass waits for moments as precious as these,
And bids his time as the glass begins to crack under his gaze.

She knows he watches, yet cannot bring herself to care,
For what is a monster but the very thing she craves, only but once,
Rough and savage and unapologetic,
Yet she knows her heart will never survive the love of one such as his,
For she is as innocent as the mirrored glass projects,
Her heart purer then the temptations he presents.

He waits for her to cave, to give into a temptation he can only give.
He knows she is intrigued; the glass has more than a few fractures,
And he deludes himself; thinking can give her more than sex and pain,
For love… something has to be buried beneath his ugly heart and mind,
She will be his saving grace, and for her, he would do anything in the name of love.

The day the glass breaks is the day she steals a glance of him,
And for as much as she wishes it wasn’t true, he scares her to the very core,
For all his temptation and sinful gaze, the darkness in him is overwhelming.
He takes her in the dead of night, no longer able to see her fear,
For the red that takes his sight is inhuman and lethal.

He no longer worries for her emotions of the heart,
Has never cared for those of feeling and sentiment,
Not when his heart has long since been buried in the shallow earth.
She cannot afford to be consumed by a slip of what use to be a man,
So her mind shuts down and her thoughts are no longer hers.

She does not awake once in his grasp,
His love…obsession has driven her mad, the scars on her wrists burns his hands,
He cries and pleas with those (any) who would listen,
But her eyes never open again.
He had killed the one thing he thought he could keep,
And her thoughts will haunt him ‘til death parts him and his ways,
For she has left him a finally farewell, in her own blood she crawls:

“You made me do this.”



*Image above is not mine, belongs to Google*


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