A Ballad for Mine [Lover]

I see heaven when I look into your eyes,
Filled with a light that brings life to darkness that resides in my soul,
And I know that I will love you for the rest of my life.
Never in my dreams could I have pictured you with me,
Those blue eyes looking up at me with wonder and awe and love—God,
So, so much love that sometimes I wonder if you’re real.
Everyday when I wake, know you are on my mind,
Poets write timeless sonnets and seal lovers’ beauty in nostalgic charm
And ballads are sung by the most beautiful voices,
With lyrics that make you cry and smile as you sing along,
Yet there are no words I could even put to paper that would capture your essence,
For you are a gift that the gods could not keep, and an angel life could not contain.

My eyes water as I write these vows to you,
The tightness in my chest stealing my breath I have never caught since you,
And I promise to cherish your love and hold true your heart,
For the day I will meet you and sing to you the ballad of star crossed lovers,
Who had dreamt of a love so true and pure
That the stars would write of us across the sky—a timeless tale for young lovers.

And so to you, my mysterious lover, I write these vows,
For when I find you I know you will be everything I need and more.
You will fill my pages with poems and sonnets and ballads,
My own little miracle, my grace and my peace all wrapped in love and warmth.
All I have to do is follow the stars to find you somewhere beneath the galaxy.


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