Where the Cliff Meets the Sky

She lives life to the fullest, soundly and gravely,
Holding back only pieces of her soul that make her who she is,
She searches the stars for answer,
For surely the vast sky will bestow its worldly views with her,
Yet, the clouds always seem to float in and out of the way,
And she is left trying to pieces together the pattern of the stars in her head.

He lives life on the edge, huddled on the corner of a growing cliff,
He knows he just has to jump—
He’s ready for life to offer whatever it has at the bottom of the canyon,
Yet, as much as he tries to push himself forward,
That corner has grown strings deep enough to not be snapped by a leap of faith.

She wants and wishes and wills life to make her memories,
Full and lived, with a collection of shot glass that line the wall,
Filled with regret, happiness and adventures she can’t quite remember.
She wants to be a girl, who keeps bookmarks for each story that spoke to her soul,
Marking pages in her life, filled with wonder, heartbreak and contentment.

He waits and waits for someone to come along,
To push him when he cannot bring himself to fall,
And that is when she appears.

She finds him on a cliff; she views him living life so freely with arms wide open.
He finds her at the bottom of his edges; he views her as the thing he can fall into.

And together, the live life to the fullest,
Falling into each other at the bottom of the sky and the top of cliffs.


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