Illusory Lovers

The lighting in the bar is as dim as the drink you bought me,
Lacking in all areas that matter when it comes to affairs of the heart.
Yet, I am swayed to you like a moth to the flame,
Drawing close enough to feel the heat and even closer to my undoing.
But there are some things too raw and dirty for human nature to identify,
So they are masked in romance and pretty kisses,
Caught in the beauty of the diamond that sits in every pocket for an extended time,
Some never getting to reflect the sun’s rays.

Are you ready for what lies beneath my red lips?
Because I can tell you now, no one lasts longer then I dare allow,
For I will always be a temptation that should remain a mystery.
So prepare yourself to see the gates of heaven behind your eyes,
But know the path down always leads back to my fire and me.
I let your hands roam across my body,
Tracing maps beneath my skin that lead to ill kept secrets,
But my lips will never utter a semblance of love or kindness.
Mercy is a weakness I’ve never been known to give,
And grace is a lacking concept I’ve never took the time to find.

I’ve been sitting on this bed for a while now,
Hoping for a sense of what lurks beneath your skin,
What sinful things you could to me in only dreams and wishful thinking.
But my patience has run too thin for even you, lover,
So don’t look so shocked to see my in the arms of another,
Tangled in their sheets with their lips upon my breasts,
Hands buried between my thighs, my gasps filling the room.
But for you I will always wonder back once or twice,
Eager for the touch of what will never be fully mine to control,
For the hearts of others never do manage to think like mine.

You tell me, baby, what do you think of my twisted love?
My attraction only lasts for so long, before the repulsion of a familiar lover sets in,
And I move on before my heart decides to settle,
For what is temptation to someone who’s heart is sealed,
Opened only for illusory lovers and fabricated Divinities?


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