Oh Little F*ckBoy

Boys are cute when they think they have earned more than the reward gives,
All sweet talk until the word no comes into play,
And when his begging and moaning don’t give him what he desires,
He turned to insults and pettiness, as though that makes him a man,
So he thinks he can play his games for a little bit longer?

Well dear, let me explain a few things to you,
“You are not entitled to my body, the sounds I make nor the pictures I take,”
So he rants and complains like a wounded ego only could,
And you watch, as this pathetic creature becomes a mere blimp in your radar,
Because while you don’t care what this stranger has to offer,
He will write paragraphs of the wrongs you’ve done him,
(Even when you hardly know him; this little boy who can’t handle a bruise ego,
His will use every insult in the book to make sure you are to remember him)

So you laugh, because what else is there to do?
And when he has huffed and puffed until he is blue in the face,
You will calmly thank him for wasting your time,
And tell him you’ve had other, far more important things to do,
So tell him to take care of his tiny dick and his little fuckboy mentality
And pray that the next girl he pulls this one on has as much balls as you,
For what is a fuckboy when girls no longer pay attention to him?
He becomes nothing more than laugh over drinks;
A screenshot of a pathetic excuse of a man, who can’t get his dick wet,
And is left with his poor abused hand to keep him company throughout the night.


12 thoughts on “Oh Little F*ckBoy

  1. darkanddominant says:

    Positively venomous. Were you really angry this one day? It’s strange when men behave like boys. Especially over such little minor details. But the thing you have to remind yourself is that you are the stronger person and seal the miserable story on that one strong note.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tubby says:

    Oh dear, Oh my goodness. How can so few words hurt and make me laugh in the same instant. I hope I am posting this as a man, no longer a boy.
    I liked that poem. . .

    Liked by 1 person

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