A Feeling Alone (love is but a moment)

They say love is but a moment suspended in time,
Between two hearts that refuse to move on,
Trapped in the head space of the fools who were seduced by a temporary fix.
But there is always more to a mere infatuation, so don’t be fooled,
By pretty lies that fall from red lips, and the ecstasy that lays in between her hips.

My heart falls in stride with the soldiers on the front barracks,
Waiting for the punch to fall back in line, stranded in dead mans territory,
For love is never anything more than a battle of wits,
And who comes on top is the one, who has the last laugh,
Who reigns supreme over the crowds,  are those who surrendered to a feeling alone.

Yet the tales of a wandering heart are not meant for the faint of mind,
For the war has always been not between two raging souls,
But those of the same body—a mind and soul of the same kind.
The heart wants what the heart wants, but the mind is a force to shudder from.
For the mind governors far more than anyone realizes: it is he who calls command.

Would you let him lead you through the haze, when your eyes betray you?
Or would you trust the thundering deep in your chest,
The very same that has lead you astray time and time again.
For he is the controlling force;
A general who reins over the soldiers, those fight for a feeling alone.

They say that love is but time trapped between two fools seduced by a moment,
But there are those that know She is more than a temporary fix,
And they will testify against that holy lie,
Claiming salvation amongst the sinners doomed by the fate of their lovers
Ready to rise against silence of a broken heart,
To heal the scars of a broken mind, buried deep in the depths of despair.
My story is much like the soldiers on the front lines,
Ready to sacrifice their very being for a feeling alone,
Because in the battle of my heart and mind,
My heart will always outshine the organ that keeps it alive.


4 thoughts on “A Feeling Alone (love is but a moment)

  1. darkanddominant says:

    You have a way with Darkness. The way you dance around it, or own it through your words, or how you choose to portray it, like here, with the background of war. A knowing glance, leading men astray. You seem to have a darkness within you. Is that why you found my blog?

    Liked by 1 person

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