At the Bottom of the Wine Glass

In wine, truth is found, or so it has been told,
Yet for all the grapes and toxins, I could never be your truth.
For that was something that only you knew where to find
But, for all my attempts, the price of love was steep when it came to your heart,
Its walls and trenches built all too well and too powerful to overcome.
So I sit at the bottom, waiting to hear your voice, only once, as it calls to me,
And I will run as you beckon, eager to please what is left of the man you’ve become.
Command me to be pure, to be without all the lust and sin,
Yet I will always be condemned when it comes to you,
For the allure you have on me will pull insistently until I conceded.

Just a song away, just a tale left to be finished
You and I have never known an ending fit for what we had become.
So we fall way down into the abyss we sought in the beginning,
Happy to find our souls still remained buried in its grasp.
But for the time we stayed down here, the song remains the same,
Never left to be switched out and restrung to a beautiful melody.

No, you and I, stuck in a tale of lust and passion that will never see an ending,
But, darling, this is the price I must pay,
For I drink too much and I feel too deeply that even the Gods stop to marvel at me,
Forever roaming the possibilities of what could be and what is.
And here I knock, on a door that is no longer mine to open,
Nor is it mine to grasp, but I know the key lies somewhere in your twisted heart,
All I need it to find the right one.
For who can say when lust succumbs and passions obliterates.
If only a dream left unfilled and a love not yet matched


3 thoughts on “At the Bottom of the Wine Glass

  1. darkanddominant says:

    I’m going to keep lighting up your phone / email by the way.

    I like the sensuality in this one. Linking the wine to this idea of intoxicating desire between these two people. That’s such a giddy feeling, to be forever in a state of arousal, to know sin and to know lust but to not care about either because of that dull ache that leads you by the hand into shadows. Absolutely delicious.

    Liked by 1 person

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